Symbiotropin Symbiotropin offers the most advanced support for enhancing the body's production of HGH and IGF-1 releasing amino acids, and is the most popular Anti Aging formula that we carry.  Why? Because it works!

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Symbiotropin is a powerful releasing compound that activates the release of HGH to a more youthful pattern.

One of the interesting things about Human Growth Hormone is the fact that even though its secretion declines with age, the body still produces the same amount of HGH as someone in their 20's. The problem lies in releasing human growth hormone from the aging pituitary cells, and Symbiotropin seems to do just that.

Nutracuetics has sold over 25 million
of Symbiotropin,

Symbiotropin is the only Hgh releaser that we reviewed that actually addresses the entire endocrine influence on Hgh release.   

Symbiotropin targets all aspects of hgh release; including insulin regulation, inhibition of somatostatin, stimulation of GHRH, and conversion to IGF-1.

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Growth Hormone Book
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Dr Ronald Klatz, author of this amazing book is a world-renowned expert on antiaging, and is the founder and president of the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine.


The primary ingredient in Symbiotropin is pituitary peptides, similar in structure to the prescription drug versions. In addition to peptides, it also contains a powerful combination of Growth Hormone-releasing amino acids such as arginine, glutamine, GABA, glycine, lysine and tyrosine. Plus, Symbtiotropin also contains other ingredients, including what the developer calls chaperon molecules, that enhance both the effectiveness and delivery of the supplement in the body

As pioneers in the rapidly expanding science of anti-aging therapies, Dr. Jamieson, the originator of Symbiotropin, is dedicated to the prosposition that aging is a treatable condition. There is a difference between growing old and quality of life. It is found in the ability to tap the natural revitalizing powers of the human body, and Symbtiotropin does just that.

After extensive review and analysis of over 45 HGH products on the market, Symbio clearly emerged and is our #1 choice for all natural anti aging supplement.

See below for ingredient info and dosage instructions.

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Powerful researched & tested Ingredients:
Glycoamino Acid Complex (Proprietary) 4200 mg Aminotrope-7 Anterior Pituitary Peptides Novel Polyose Complex (Proprietary) 2300 mg Other ingredients: Citric Acid, Potassium Bicarbonate, Glucose, L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, L-Pyroglutamate, Sodium Bicarbonate, L-Lysine Monohydrochloride, Gamma Aminobutyric Acid, Glycine, Sodium Carbonate, Polyethlene Glycol, Mixed Berry flavor, Magnesium Stearate, Sodium Benzoate Powder.Discover more about how these powerful ingredients increase Hgh release in the human body.

Suggested Use:   No need to take bulky pills. Dissolve two tablets of Symbiotropin in 4 oz. of room temperature water, and let disolve. Take on an empty stomach, preferably at bedtime, or first thing in the morning. Take Symbio for five days then take two days off. Repeat cycle for two or three months, then take two to four weeks off and repeat cycle again. Most people start to feel the positive effects of taking ProHgh within the first few weeks.

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Diabetics and borderline diabetics, persons who have not completed their bone growth (children and teenagers) and pregnant or lactating women, and cancer patients should not take amino acid based secretagogues such as Pro Hgh.

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Clinical Results
% increase
Area of Assessment
After Three Months
Endurance & Body Composition
Muscle Strength 58%
Muscle Size 42%
Fat Reduction 58%
Overall Energy 74%
Exercise Tolerance 58%
Exercise Endurance 88%
Hair and Skin
Skin Texture 47%
Skin Thickness 32%
Skin Elasticity 26%
Wrinkle Disappearance 37%
New Hair Growth 47%
Healing and Immunity
Healing of old injuries  28%
Healing of other injuries 21%
Healing Capacity 21%
Back & Joint Flexibility 37%
Resistance to Common Illness 47%
Sexual Function
Sexual Potency/Frequency 32%
Duration of Penile Erection 44%
Frequency of Nighttime Urination 56%
Mental Function
Mental Energy & Clarity 53%
Emotional Stability 42%
Attitude Towards Life 37%
Memory 47%
%= self assessment increase
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