Beta-Glucan Skin care -
cellular energizer and immune enhancer

Beta Glucan helps protect aging skin from immune dysfunction, and aids in overall dermatological health and wound healing. Several studies have shown that the use of a beta glucan cream can help hydrate the skin, improve firmness, skin color, and elasticity; while also helping to diminish lines and wrinkles.

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Beta glucan creams rejuvenate the skin's cells by invigorating the macrophages and re-charging the cellular immune system.

Macrophages are the cells that recognize, engulf and destroy any cells, organisms or substances that are not natural or required by the body (bacteria; viruses; fungi; dead, mutated or tumor cells, environmental toxins etc.).

The use of beta glucan in a cream invigorates these macrophages helping them attack bacteria and viruses, while also producing a number of essential cytokines that are able to stimulate the immune system in general and boost bone marrow production.

“Specialized” versions of macrophages are found in almost every area of the body, and the skin is no exception, where they are known as “Langerhans” cells, after the scientist who discovered them.

The problem in our modern world, is that so many things tend to destroy, damage or weaken these Langerhans cells. Langerhans cells both fight foreign intruders and release substances, such as epidermal growth factor, that encourage skin renewal and healing . Ultraviolet light from excessive exposure to sunlight, chemicals in soaps and cosmetics, chlorine in the water in which we bathe – these all damage the Langerhan cells- as we age the damage becomes even worse, and as a result wrinkly and grainy looking skin starts to appear.

When the beta glucan cream in Rejuvenex gets exposed to the dendrites of these Langerhans cells, and stimulates or activates them, then the Langerhans become strong again and the skins immune function returns to a normal healthy younger state - dead and damaged skin tissue is removed, and there is a rapid healing process.

In a recent beta glucan skin care study, several hundred women were given a topical cream containing mostly beta glucan. The effects on the signs of aging in the skin were evaluated. Compared with the control group, A 27 percent improvement in skin hydration was observed after eight weeks of using the regimen twice a day. An improvement in lines and wrinkles of 47 percent was measured, firmness and elasticity increased by 60 percent, and skin color improved by 26 percent. The rate of skin renewal increased by 34 percent.

Beta glucan is just one of 25 powerful anti aging ingredients in our Rejuvenex face cream.

REJUVENEX contains the optimal researched potency of Beta Glucan for a skincare cream, plus contains 24 other anti aging wrinkle ingredients. If you are serious about protecting your skin and fighting wrinkles, then you owe it to yourself to read our skin care product review on REJUVENEX.

Also be sure to check our 2nd place winner Derma Q-gel. This amazing skincare product has more CoQ10 and antioxidants than any other cream on the market; plus contains a high quality blend of the best skincare oils.

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Derma Q-gel
2nd Place Winner
4 1/2 star rating

1st Place Award

REJUVENEX is our #1 pick for best anti aging skin cream.

Rejuvenex is loaded with all the hottest ingredients including:
DMAE, Ester C,
RNA, DNA, hydrolyzed collagen, kinetin, beta glucan alpha-lipoic acid, glycolic acid, vitamin E,and many more…

Discover why Rejuvenex is best anti-aging cream on the market today!!





















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