calcium supplement Avoria Cal +D

Our research into calcium and calcium supplementation lead us to discover Avoria Cal plus D.

We believe that Cal + D is the best and most highly absorbable and bio-available calcium supplement on the market today.

What makes Cal+D so special?

Cal D utilizes state-of-the-art effervescence technology to deliver calcium citrate, the most powerfully effective form of calcium.

Published studies comparing biovailability of supplemental calcium demonstrate considerable variability in the absorbtion and effectiveness of different formulations. As it is necessary to convert calcium to an ionized form to facilitate absorbtion, the relative ease with which calcium ions are released from a calcium salt is probably the main determinant for variability in absorbtion.

No big Pills:
Cal+D combines state-of-the-art effervescence technology delivering 1000mg of bioavalable calcium in a 500mg orange flavored fizzing powder. Just add water. Each effervescent tablet offers a pH-adjusted delivery system and is fortified with magnesium and vitamin D3 (both essential for calcium absorption by the body).

Avoria Cal+ D is naturally sweetened, easily disolves in water and is gentle on the stomach without the irritation you may experience with other calcium supplements.

If calcium supplementation is important to you, then it is sometimes necesary to spend a little more to get what you believe to be the best calcium supplement on the market today.

Avoria Cal+D - 1 Box - 30 day supply
Our price $13.95 - you save $4.00

Avoria Cal+D - 2 Boxes - 60 day supply
Our price $24.95 - you save $10.95

Cal+D ingredients


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