The Best CoQ10 Supplement in the World...Bar None.

Best Coq10 supplement
Solanova CoQ10 Q-Gel is the preferred dosage form recommended by leading physicians and cardiologists.

One 100 mg Q-gel softgel is equivelant to 300-400 mg of other CoQ10 supplements.

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Why is Q-Gel CoQ10 the Best?

3-5 times more potent than other brands
Get up to 5 times greater absorption (know as bio availability) into the bloodstream over other brands on the market. A recent study by veteran researcher R. Ferrante and collaborators reported that Q-gel was absorbed 5 times better than the other coq10 in their study.

The secret lies in the revolutionary Bio-Solv® technology (US Patent # 6,056,971), a process which breaks down CoQ10 particles into sub-micron levels, thus making the normally insoluble CoQ10 compound 100% hydro-soluble, and therefore easily absorbable by your body.  

Additionally,Q-Gel is delivered in clinically proven soft gel capsules—called Softsules®—which have better delivery to the bloodstream than conventional formulations. 

Significantly faster results
Results in just 3 weeks. Other CoQ10 supplements take from 6 months to 1 year to build up to the same mean plasma CoQ10 levels.

Most Powerful CoQ10 in the World!
The word "Powerful" simply means the rate and extent to which the CoQ10 is absorbed into your body from Q-Gel versus other CoQ10 products. All 9 studies that have been carried out - be they in the test tube (in-vitro), in small animals (rodents), in dogs, or in humans have all shown CoQ10 in Q-Gel to be the most bioavailable without exception.

Q-Gel ®, the 100% HYDROSOLUBLE CoQ10, has been proven to be the most bioavailable CoQ10 oral supplement in the World! 

(See Test Results in right hand column)

Why most CoQ10 supplements don't work effectively.

Although CoQ1O is classified as a lipid soluble substance, its degree of solubility is extremely limited.

Commercially available CoQlO capsules normally contain either oil-based suspensions (softgels), or dry powder blends (hard gels). When tested in the laboratory, these products show a total lack of dissolution according to current USP methodology. Such lack of dissolution properties are often indicative of poor absorption and bioavailability.

what is CoQ10 and why is it so important?

Plus Q-gel contains the highest quality CoQ10 direct from Japan.

Solanova utilizes Kaneka CoQ10 exclusively in ALL Q-Gel products . Kaneka Corporation in Osaka Japan is the world's largest manufacturer of CoQ10.

More importantly, the reason they are so big is that the type of CoQ10 they use is a 100% natural (trans-isomer) yeast fermented CoQ10 which is identical to the body's own CoQ10 .
Don't settle for generic Coenzyme Q10 that you know nothing about!

When the highest quality CoQ10 is combined with the patented Bio-Solv® and Softsules® processes, then you have what we believe to be the worlds best CoQ10.

It's the most economical CoQ10 available
Enhanced bioavailability makes it so you gain better results for less money. One 100mg Q-gel is equivelant to 300-400mg of other forms of Coenzyme Q10.

Top Rated - CoQ10 Q-gel by Solonava

Guaranteed Lowest Price!!
100% Satisfaction - Money Back Guarantee!

CoQ10 Q-gel -
1 bottle - 100 mg / 60 caplets

Average 2 month supply Retail price $42.00
Our Price only $34.95

CoQ10 Q-gel -   2 bottle 100 mg special
Average 4 month supply
Our Price only $32.95 each - you s ave $18

CoQ10 Q-gel -   3 bottle 100mg special
Average 6 month supply - our best deal!
Our Price only $29.95 each - you save $36.00

Solanova CoQ10 Q-Gel Forte can improve your health and well being by:

sunProtecting the heart from diseases and  disorders

Increasing energy, endurance, and stamina

Boosting the immune system

Lowering high blood pressure

Reversing gum disease

Acting as an antioxidant and warding-off free radicals

CoQ10 and your Body

What do congestive heart failure, gum disease and obesity have in common? Very often a lack of CoQ10.

CoQ10 has also been implicated in hypertension, strokes, heart attacks, arteriosclerosis, AIDS, muscular distrophy, arrythmias and more.

CoQ10 is found throughout the body in cell membranes, and is vital in powering the bodies energy production (ATP) cycle. CoQ10 is particularly abundant in the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas and adrenal gland.

Literally hundreds of studies have shown the importance and effectiveness of Coq10 supplements. CoQ10 production in the body declines with age, and therefore as we age it becomes necessary to supplement CoQ10. Peak serum concentration of CoQ10 occur at 19-21 years of age and drops 65% by the age of 80.

Although the popularity of CoQ10 in the U.S. has been relatively recent, it has been extensively researched for the past 30 years. In Japan, for example, it has been recommended by the government since 1974 for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, and is regularly taken daily by over 12 million Japanese people.


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Best Coq10 supplement

Order today!

Guaranteed Lowest Price!!
100% Satisfaction - Money Back Guarantee!

CoQ10 Q-gel -
1 bottle - 100 mg / 60 caplets

Average 2 month supply Retail price $42.00
Our Price only $34.95

CoQ10 Q-gel -   2 bottle 100 mg special
Average 4 month supply
Our Price only $32.95 each - you s ave $18

CoQ10 Q-gel -   3 bottle 100mg special
Average 6 month supply - our best deal!
Our Price only $29.95 each - you save $36.00


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CoQ10 skin cream

Q-Gel CoQ10

Clinically proven 3 times
higher absorption than
any other CoQ10

the new CoQ10 that is so revolutionary it is protected
by two US Patents.

( #6,056,971 and # 4,654,373), and a third patent pending!



CoQ10 Research Study

also see graph of Study 2

Clinically Tested

Q-Gel ®, the 100% HYDROSOLUBLE CoQ10, has been proven via seven separate relative bioavailability studies in human subjects, to be the most bio available CoQ10 oral supplement in the World!  A relative bioavailability study in dogs has confirmed these findings.  Additional studies have been carried out in rats to determine tissue uptake.  Another bioavailability study carried out by an independent group has confirmed the superiority of Q-Gel over oil suspension softgels!  In-vitro dissolution and cell-culture studies have also confirmed the absolute superiority of Q-Gel.



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