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Potential Side effects of taking DHEA

warning and precautions:

rior to taking DHEA you should have your doctor test your hormone levels to determine proper dosing, or just get a Home DHEA Test Kit.

Don't take DHEA if you have diabetes, psychiatric conditions, liver problems, or are at high risk for developing cancer.

See below for Female side effects associated with DHEA

DHEA side effects and risks for Men

Before undergoing DHEA therapy, men should know their serum PSA(prostate specific antigen) level and have passed a digital rectal exam. If you test for prostate cancer or severe benign prostate disease, then taking DHEA may be risky and dangerous. This is mostly because DHEA can be converted into testosterone and estrogen - these hormones and their metabolites may be harmful in the above situation. But of course there are lots of men who can benefit from increased testosterone.

Another potential side effect in some men taking fairly large doses of DHEA is acne, and hair loss - which almost always disappears upon stopping or lowering DHEA dosage. Please read our DHEA dosage instructions in order to avoid all known side effects.

In men, another potential problem is that DHEA can result in aggressive moods and behaviors if this occurs it is quite possibly a sign that the dosage is to high, or that it should be taken every other day. Almost all side effects are from people taking large doses of DHEA - which we do not recommend.

To reduce the possible risk that hormone modulation with DHEA might contribute to a prostate problem it is recommended that your diet be supplemented with vitamin E, and selenium, plus possibly some natural lycopene, saw palmetto, and nettle extract.

DHEA side effects and risks for Women

Since DHEA is a precursor to estrogen, women who have been diagnosed with an estrogen-dependent cancer should not take DHEA or monitor themselves closely with their doctor.

On the other hand, most women can actually benefit from an increase in estrogen, and this is where DHEA can help; plus there are many other benefits of taking DHEA.

A potential side effect of taking fairly large doses of DHEA is fine facial hair, and a slight deepening of voice; which almost always disappears upon stopping or lowering DHEA dosage.

Please note that we don't recommend taking more than 25mg a day; unless closely monitored by a physician.

People with liver disease should carefully monitor enzyme levels to make sure DHEA is not making it worse.

You should have your doctor test your DHEA levels to determine proper dosing, or get a Dhea home test kit.

Don't take Dhea if you have diabetes, psychiatric conditions, or liver problems, or are at risk for cancer. And tell your doctor immediately if you think DHEA caused one or more of the side effects listed above or any other health problem.

If you are presently taking or considering taking DHEA, then in order to avoid the majority of associated risks, we recommend that you learn about what we believe to be the proper dosage information.

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