DHEA MAX Our #1 Choice, Learn why!

DHEA MAX™ offers breakthrough technology in the supplementation of DHEA. This technology allows for maximum absorption with minimum side effects.

DHEA MAX™ is the first controlled release micronized DHEA supplement.

Micronized time released Dhea is important to obtain maximum bioavailability and avoid "spike dosing" which is a common occurrence with regular capsules or tablets.

The action of time released Dhea helps to mimic the body's physiological dosage thus giving a more natural rhythm to DHEA/Cortisol ratios.       

dhea absorbtion graph

Most ingredients in capsules or tablets are released within one to two hours, and are only bioavailable for a short period of time. The DHEA MAX zero release technology, results in two to three times the bioavailability of traditional DHEA tablets.

The bodies DHEA production declines drastically as we age. The problem with other DHEA products is that you need to take up to 50 mg a day in order to spread out the DHEA release, and this type of high dosing of DHEA is undesirable. The reason for this is that the average 25 year old male naturally produces 31 milligrams of DHEA, and the average female only 19 milligrams in a 24 hour period. If you take more than 25 milligrams in a day, you may stimulate negative feedback mechanisms. This could stimulate excess cortisol production which might be undesirable.

DHEA MAX's time controlled release action helps mimic the body's own physiological dosage, thus giving a more natural rhythm to DHEA/Cortisol ratios.

In addition to having the first zero release timed dosage, DHEA MAX by Nuetraceutics also offers a state-of-the-art Micronized Self Emulsifying Delivery System. This micronized delivery system ensures maximum absorption of the active ingredients by making them both water and fat soluble.

If you are looking for generic DHEA, then you can definitely find it for cheaper than DHEA MAX -- but it won't be time released or micronized; nor will it be pharmaceutical grade DHEA. Plus the active ingredients won't be both fat and water soluble like they are in Dhea Max.

DHEA MAX™ is the only DHEA supplement that we sell. Our decision was based upon the above supporting criteria.

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Dr Roberts and Fitten, in their book The Biologic Role of (DHEA) Dehydroepoandrosterone , report that "because of the short peak duration of DHEA it is recommend that future studies or therapeutic trials use time-released DHEA or transdermal patches to provide more uniform delivery of DHEA." Time-released DHEA appears to match the bodies natural production of DHEA better than the spike dosing of traditional DHEA supplements.

DHEA dosage instructions

Don't' take Dhea if you have diabetes, psychiatric conditions, or liver problems, or are at risk for cancer. And tell your doctor immediately if you think DHEA caused one or more of the side effects listed above or any other health problem.

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