Plastic Bottles Disrupt Estrogen - Xenoestrogen Dangers

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Do You have Estrogen Dominance Syndrome or low progesterone?





The BPA in plastic bottles and a variety of other chemical environmental estrogens are disrupting  our bodies ability to use estrogen and is making estrogen dominance syndrome prevelant in todays society.

A large class of chemicals known as Environmental Estrogens or Xenoestrogens actually mimic the hormone estrogen and our body then confusingly thinks these chemicals are actually estrogen.   These estrogen mimics are in our food, and in our air and water. They include pesticides,herbicides and PCB's like DDT, dieldrin, heptachlor, etc. Plus they are in various plastics that are everywhere in our society.. These estrogen-mimics or "xenoestrogens" are highly fat-soluble, not biodegradable or well excreted, and accumulate in the fat tissue of animals and humans.

These estrogen mimicking chemicals are taken up by the estrogen receptor sites in the male and female body, seriously interfering with our natural biochemical activity. Drinking sodas out of plastic bottles is one of the leading causes of estrogen dominance.  According to Dr. John Lee, "there are very few Western women truly deficient in estrogen; most become deficient in progesterone."  

You can help eliminate estrogen dominance and the effects of xeno estrogens with the use of a bio-identical natural progesterone cream.    You should also avoid drinking out of plastic bottles or eating canned food as the cans are lines with the well known xenoestrogen BPA.

Even more alarmng is that recent research shows that  even extremely low levels of some types of environmental estrogens changed the way cells released and reabsorbed dopamine, an important chemical messenger that governs movement and pleasure.

Yes I want to learn more about Estrogen Dominance Syndrome and natural progesterone to combat the damage caused by estrogen mimics and the aging process!

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