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Latest Estrogen Warnings

Hormones do a lot for women!
Ever laugh or cry or get mad or get hungry? That's your hormones hard at work. Female Hormones can affect many vital functions in your body. That's why keeping your hormones in their proper balance is essential to the way you live. For women, FemaleCheck by BodyBalance can help you monitor hormone levels.

Female Hormone info
All estrogen hormones (estrone, estradiol and estriol) occupy the same estrogen receptor sites. Estradiol is the most potent and is converted to the weaker estrone, and then to estriol when levels of progesterone raise. This family of estrogens works in concert with progesterone to nourish and support the growth and regeneration of the female reproductive tissues, breasts and distribution of body fat.

Although normally though of as a male hormone, women also produce and need Testosterone. Testosterone although necessary for stimulating the libido and maintaining good hair growth, does not decrease as readily as estrogen during and after menopause.

Here's something you should know: hormones don't just control sexual function and activity. Hormones affect your body physically and emotionally. Estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone have a strong influence over women's health.

Also See
#1 Rated Natural Estrogen Therapy
Female Hormone Home Test Kit
Ranges of Normal Estrogen Levels
Premarin made from Horse Piss

Here is a list of just some of what
these hormones do:

sunMenstrual Cycle
sunSkin Elasticity
sunLean Body Mass
sunMuscle and Bone Development
sunSleep Patterns
sunVarious Physical & Emotional Responses

This Estrogen Home Test Kit offers you the reliability of a laboratory analysis from the comfort of your own home.

When you order your Female Hormone Home Test Kit, we'll send a complete collection kit and instructions. You then collect the required saliva sample and send it back to the lab in the prepaid return mailer provided. Within 7-10 working days of receiving your sample, your results will be sent, and you will receive a report comparing your results to the rest of the population. It's that simple.

Complete Kit only $59.95
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Price includes complete lab kit, instructions, all lab processing fees, results chart and all return shipping and handling.

The #1 Doctor recommended All Natural Estrogen therapy is ProEstron. Click here to learn more about ProEstron. Once you have tested your Female Hormones, you and your health care professional will probably want to retest 3-4 months after undergoing any type of Hormone replacement Therapy. If your doctor is recommending that you take Premarin or Prempro; you may want to read the latest Premarin warnings, and you should also know that Premarin comes from horse urine, and that the manufacturing process is extremely cruel to animals.

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Did you know that Premarin is made from horse piss, and that the horses are treated cruelly?

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