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Ranges of normal estrogen levels are measured in parts pg/ml of estradiol.

In normal reproductive age women, during the menstrual cycle, estradiol levels range from 50-400 pg/ml. The actual normal level of estrogen varies during different parts of the menstrual cycle.

In menopause, the general range may be 10-20 pg/ml. Value ranges of normal estrogen levels under 100 pg/ml can be associated with hot flashes, and may signal perimenopause.

Estrogen and the regular menstrual cycle.

Estrogen levels peak just prior to ovulation, and then drop off drastically. It is this sharp drop of the main estrogen estradiol that helps trigger the ovulation process.

After ovulation Progesterone levels start to rise in anticipation of fertilization. Estrogen also rises again during this phase, but normal progesterone levels should now be almost twice as high as normal estrogen levels. If pregnancy does not occur within 10 to 12 days after ovulation, estrogen and progesterone levels fall abruptly, triggering menstruation, and the cycle begins anew.

Understanding the different types of estrogen

All estrogen hormones (estrone, estradiol and estriol) occupy the same estrogen receptor sites. Estradiol is the most potent and is converted to the weaker estrone, and then to estriol when levels of progesterone rise. This family of types of estrogen works in concert with progesterone to nourish and support the growth and regeneration of the female reproductive tissues, breasts and distribution of body fat.

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