Study Reveals Increase In Side Effects Of Estrogen Replacement Therapy

Part I - Dangers of Premarin and Prempro

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Part II - the Latest Facts!

Are you or someone that you know taking Premarin or Prempro to combat the effects of menopause?

If you are taking Prempro or Premarin then you are probably already aware of the long term side effects and dangers of "HRT". What is alarming is that the latest research shows that it is even more dangerous than previously thought.

What started all the controversy?

On July 9th 2002, The National Institute of Health announced that it had halted a major study, stating that the long-term use of estrogen and progestin significantly increases the chances of invasive breast cancer, blood clots, and heart attacks.

The NIH findings show that just 1 year-long use of estrogen and progestin increased an otherwise healthy woman's risk of a heart attack by 29 percent, blood clots doubled, breast cancer increased by 24 percent, and stroke by 42 percent.

Currently, six million American women take this potentially lethal hormone combination.

What happened after that?

On Oct 16th 2002.

The U.S Preventative Services Task Force, in review of the above data, gave prescription hormone therapy a “failing grade,”saying that whatever benefits the treatment provides is outweighed by the risk.

On Oct 23rd 2002

The industry received what appears to be the final blow. Another huge study, funded by the British government was halted 10 years before planned.

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Why risk all the above dangers?

Natural plant based estrogen supplements that are more chemically aligned with your biological structure, appear to be side effect free, and they don't have any of the side effects listed above.

Plus did you know that Premarin is actually made from horse piss and is full of horse based estrogens that are totaly foreign to the human body.

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On May 30 2003, more bad news

Prescription hormone replacement therapy with synthetic estrogen and unatural Progestin is now associated with increased risk of stroke and dementia. This was anounced in three reports released in the May 28th issue of “The Journal of the American Medical Association.”

According to the WHI and WHIMS the relative risks of using Prescription Estrogen plus Progestin are:

Heart attacks 29% higher increase/ 7 per 10k
Breast cancer 26% higher increase / 8 per 10k
Strokes 41% higher increase / 8 per 10k
Dementia 105% increase / 23 per 10k, women 65 plus
Blood clots 111% higher increase / 18 per 10k
Hip fractures 33% decrease / 5 per 10k
Colon cancer 37% decrease / 6 per 10k

This is a confusing time for women dealing with the symptoms of menopause.

Please click below to read the rest of our latest article that reflects the new research as of May 30.2003
Read more about the latest WHI estrogen warnings!

What other bad things happened regarding HRT and your health?

Go to Part II - get the latest facts!

If you would like further information about the above health warning, then check out the following two links. 1 2

Also check out the FDA's responces to the above NIH statements.
FDA 8-13-2002
FDA Fact Sheet 1-08-2003
FDA 4-10-2003

FDA 5-27-2003
FDA The Latest Updates 2-10-2004

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