Gerovital GH3™ has been around for over 40 years and is the most trusted anti-aging therapy available in the world today!
Used on a regular basis,
Gerovital GH3 may...
5 Star Rating
Enhance memory
5 Star Rating
Improve mental clarity.
5 Star Rating
Increase alertness.
5 Star Rating
Help regulate moods.
5 Star Rating
Fight fatigue,
5 Star Rating
Re-invigorate sexual function.
5 Star Rating
Help eliminate anxiety and insomnia
5 Star Rating
Reduce risk of heart disease.
5 Star Rating
Reduce risk of stroke. ·
5 Star Rating
Reduce cancer causing free radicals..
5 Star Rating
Reduce the effects of stress and so much more...
Gerovital GH3's special formula can help reduce free radical activity preventing damage to DNA and cellular membranes. The enhanced cellular bioenergetics through the use of Gerovital can help optimizes ATP, the body's universal energy molecule. Gerovital also helps to normalize brain neurotransmitting balance; while also potentially helping to normalize chronological rhythms. Gerovital GH3 contains DMAE and Vitamin H which are metabolites of the Romanian youth enhancing drug called Procaine.
Gerovital GH3 was originally developed in Romania over 40 years ago.

Gerovital GH3 contains a unique blend of ingredients; each having special anti-aging benefits - these benefits summarized below, make Gerovital GH3 an important part of any anti-aging regimen.
How Gerovital GH3 works.
Gerovital GH3 - Key Ingredients:

Gerovital GH3 contains some of the best and most time tested anti-aging ingredients and cognitive enhancers specially engineered to eliminate the symptoms of aging.

DMAE "The Scavenger." DMAE is the most bioavailable form of choline, the precursor to Acetylcholine.  Acetylcholine is essential to key brain functions such as memory, learning and alertness.

GINGKO BILOBA "The Neuroprotective Plant"· Gingko has been rescribed to counter senility, impotence and cardiovascular disease. · Promotes virility. · Gingko Biloba is well known for its antioxidant and neuroprotective properties, and its positive effects on memory and disease associated with free radical generation are legendary. · Gingko Biloba is the oldest known living tree species.

PABA "Factor H Vitamin"· Paba is an important B complex factor, and has the potential to reduce the risk of abnormal blood clot formation; due to the fact that it is a potent inhibitor of the formation of Thrombin induced Thromboxane.

B VITAMINS· Essential cofactors in the body's defense against elevated homocysteine levels which have been linked to heart disease, arteriosclerosis and stroke. · The B vitamins in Gerovital GH3 also helps improve mood, memory, sharpens attention and reactions. · Replenishes the essential B vitamins that are eaten away by the stress of everyday life.

GINSENG "The Anti Stress Herb,"· and one of the most widely recognized plants in traditional medicine. · The use of a combination of Ginseng and Gingko has been used to treat cognitive impairment in the elderly. · Helps body adapt to stressors by heightening productivity of the adrenals. · Readily affects fatigue, anxiety and insomnia. · Promotes better health and well being.

GOTU KOLA "The Rejuvenator"· Gota Kola has been long revered in traditional eastern herbal medicine for its reputed longevity properties. · Gota Kola promotes growth of skin, hair and nails; while also nourishing the nervous system, especially the brain. · It is also said that Gota Kola can improve memory, enhance vitality and mental clarity.

PROTEUSTERONE   A controlled blend of multi-species of dioscorea, that has an insulin stabalizing effect. Proteusterone also supports adrenal function, and enables the body not only to burn off excess fat, but also to block fat uptake.

SHIZANDRA "The Adaptogen"· Increases mental acuity, and has calming effect that can allow for better energy/task focus. · Shizandra can also help to normalize sleep patterns.

Although not an anti-aging miracle as some claim; Gerovital is definately time tested, and the unique list of powerful anti-aging ingredients makes it an important part of any anti-aging regimen.

Combining Gerovital GH3 with HGH therapy can have powerful anti-aging benefits..

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