Discover the Key Ingredients that can increase HGH Release in the aging body.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH), is a master hormone that is produced in abundance throughout your entire life — The problem is your body loses its ability to release this key hormone that can counteract a lot of symptoms of the aging process.

The important thing to understand is that recent medical research has revealed that aging pituitary cells still secrete just as much HGH as someone in their 20's if they are adequately stimulated to do so.

Below is a detailed explanation of the amino acids and other ingredients that have been shown to enhance the release of Hgh in the human body.

Arginine - the key Hgh enhancing ingredient

The first Hgh releaser(secretagogue) that we are going to look at is the essential amino acid Arginine. Arginine is considered essential because the body cannot create it on its own, and must get it through supplementation or food. When looking for the best hgh supplement make sure it contains Arginine in the proper ratios.

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Research has shown that arginine has the benefit of causing the secretion of growth hormone. A 15- to 30-gram intravenous infusion of arginine is used as a standard endocrinological test to provoke the pituitary into releasing growth hormone.

Positive research on arginine for increasing Hgh include increasing fat burning and building muscle tissue probably through the stimulation of growth hormone, increasing the weight and activity of the thymus gland, boosting immunity, fighting cancer, promoting healing of burns and other wounds, protecting the liver and detoxifying harmful substances, and enhancing male fertility (almost all of which are enhanced by GH). It also restores sexual function in impotent men. In a 1994 study by Drs. A.W. Zogmotti and EGA. Lizza of the department of urology / surgery at New York University School of Medicine, six of fifteen men who took 2,800 milligrams of arginine a day for two weeks had renewed sexual performance, specifically improved erection, yet none of the men on the placebo did. The researchers believe that arginine worked best because it is a precursor of nitric oxide, which plays a key role in initiating and maintaining an erection.

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Why is L-Lysine used in Pro Hgh

L-Lysine aids in the production of antibodies, hormones and enzymes, maintains the body's nitrogen balance, aids calcium absorption and is instrumental in the formation of collagen.

A synergistic effect also has been shown between lysine and arginine. According to a 1981 study by Italian researcher A. Isidori, M.D., and his associates at the University of Rome, the combination of 1,200 mg of lysine and 1,200 mg of Arginine in 15 male volunteers between 15 and 20 was 10 times more effective than taking Arginine alone.

The effect of Glutamin in increasing Hgh Production?

Glutamine is the latest and probably one of the best amino acids to possibly boost hgh. Glutaamine began to generate excitement as a GH-releaser thanks to a 1995 study by Thomas C. Welbourne of Louisiana State University College of medicine in Shreveport. Welbourne showed that a surprisingly small oral dose of about 2 grams of glutamine raised growth hormone levels more than four times over that of a placebo. Even more exciting, age did not diminish the response at least in this small study of volunteers, who ranged from thirty-two to sixty-four years.

Glutamine is the amino acid that is Most used by the body, particularly during times of stress. The immune system and the gut practically live on glutamine. If the body does not produce enough glutamine, muscle loss and immune dysfunction can occur.
The gut atrophies, meaning all kinds of nutrientscannot be absorbed as well as before. A 1993 study by Welbourne in animals showed that glutamine supplements protects muscle mass and prevents acidosis, which occurs with strenuous exercise and causes muscle breakdown. According to Judy Shabert, M.D., author of the Ultimate Nutrient Glutamine, supplementation with glutamine, especially in times of stress, would prevent muscle wasting. In a foreword to the book, Douglas Wetmore, MD, of Harvard Medical School, points out that glutamine is a key to the metabolism and maintenance of muscle, the primary energy source for the immune system, and essential DNA synthesis, cell division, and cell growth, all factors that are enhanced by GH It also crosses the blood-brain barrier into the brain, where it increases energy and mental alertness.

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Why is the Amino Acid L-Glycine used in Pro Hgh / Symbotropin?

L Glycine has been shown to to be useful in increasing output in exercise workouts and causing a 3 fold increase in hgh release.

Effects on HGH: Two studies found that this amino acid increased HGH in the serum. In one, 6.75 grams at bedtime caused an three-fold increase, while a Japanese research team showed that 30 grams raised HGH levels ten times over baseline in patients who had gastric surgery. An oral dose of 250 milligrams in normal volunteers also showed a significant, but less pronounced, rise in HGH.

They conclude that "the facts demonstrated that glycine is one of the stimulatory agents inducing the pituitary gland to secrete HGH." Glycine has also been found useful in increasing output in exercise workouts. It may be useful in dampening hyperactive brain activity that produces spasms. In one study, 1 gram of glycine a day for six months to one year significantly reduced spasms in all ten patients with severe chronic spasticity in the legs, including seven with multiple sclerosis.

Why is L-Tyrosine used in the best HGH releasers?

L Tyrosine is An amino acid precursor to epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine, three important brain neurotransmitters involved in mood, mental function and sex drive.

Possible e ffects on HGH release: Tyrosine is also used by the thyroid gland for the production of Thyroxine, a vital hormone involved in regulating growth, metabolism, skin health and mental state. Clinical studies indicate that Tyrosine can be one of the best hgh ingredients to help reduce the irritation, fatigue and depression of PMS sufferers.

Tyrosine is contraindicated for people taking anti-depressants containing monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors (this is because it can enhance mood, and dosages may need to be changed, and therefore it is important to work with a doctor), people with high blood pressure or skin cancer.

It is best to take small doses of tyrosine such as that in GHR15 and ProHgh are more effective in increasing brain levels of neurotransmitters than large doses. Although blood and brain levels of tyrosine will increase with large doses, there appears to be an inhibition of the enzyme tyrosine hydroxylase which converts tyrosine to neurotransmitters, when large amounts of tyrosine are present.

Why is GABA used in Pro Hgh / Symbiotropin?

GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a supplement that might help decrease body fat levels and increase lean muscle tissue by stimulating the brain to secrete increased amounts of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). GABA was discovered in 1970, as a synthetic compound capable of passing the blood-brain barrier and useful as an anterior pituitary stimulant. Later studies demonstrated GABA to be a poent neurotransmitter and to be an effective potentiator of secretions of Growth Hormone in athletes. Effects on Growth Hormone: GABA has been clinically proven to help the pituitary gland to secrete Human Growth Hormone in athletes. A second important role GABA plays for athletes can be seen in its analgesic producing effects. Athletes training and competing using GABA can expect to experience less discomfort and generally exhibit a higher threshold of pain tolerance.

What is L Pyroglutamate and why is it used to increase Hgh production?

L Pyroglutamate is an amino acid naturally found in vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and meat. This amino acid can help with the aging process, and is normally present in large amounts in the human brain, cerebrospinal fluid, and blood. Pyroglutamate has also been shown to be effective in alcohol-induced memory deficits, and more recently, in people affected with multi-infarct dementia. In these patients, the administration of pyroglutamate brought about a significant increase of attention and an improvement on psychological tests investigating short-term retrieval, long-term retrieval, and long-term storage of memory. A statistically significant improvement was observed also in the consolidation of memory. In human subjects, pyroglutamate was compared with a placebo in a randomized double-blind trial for assessing its efficacy in treating memory deficits in 40 aged subjects. Twenty subjects were treated with pyroglutamate and 20 with a placebo over a period of 60 days. Memory functions were evaluated at baseline and after 60 days of treatment by means of a battery made up of six memory tasks. The results show that pyroglutamate is effective in improving verbal memory functions in subjects affected by age-related memory decline.

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What are anterior pituitary peptides and why are they used in Pro Hgh / Symbiotropin?

Hgh Human Growth Hormone, as mentioned earlier is secreted from the pituitary gland. The use of anterior pituitary peptides can stimulate the pituitary gland to function more efficiently and increase hgh release. The anterior pituitary peptides are bio-engineered parts of molecules from glandular extracts. Glandular products have been used in Europe for years, and appear to be safe and effective.

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Diabetics and borderline diabetics, persons who have not completed their bone growth (children and teenagers) and pregnant or lactating women, and cancer patients should not take amino acid based secretagogues.

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