hgh scam infoDON'T GET SCAMMED!

Several non-prescription HGH Companies claim they have a strong and very potent formula that contains a huge amount of HGH, and/or claim they have a patented delivery system - don't believe them!

Hgh Buyer Beware!

Human Growth Hormone Scam #1

Their Claim
Several companies say that their product contains a huge dosage of 1500 to 2000 nanograms (ng) of Real Human Growth Hormone.

The Truth
There is no such thing as high potency non-prescription Hgh.

The actual amount of Human Growth Hormone that is approved by the FDA and used in Hgh Prescription Injections is not measured in ng(nanograms), but is actually measured in IU (International Units). It actually takes around 300,000 ng (nanograms) to equal just One IU.

In actuality these companies are 298,000 nanograms short of the minimal therapeutic dosage of hgh. How deceptive can you get! Where is their big dose of real growth hormones. These companies are actually only giving you 1% of a prescription injection, but are marketing it as if they are giving you a huge dosage.

The only way these small non-prescription amounts of Hgh can be effective is when delivered through the homeopathic process. If you are interested in homeopathic hgh beware of cheap formulations.   In order to make sure an Hgh growth hormone product is truly homeopathic make sure that they mention that they follow the guidelines of the US or German Homeopathic Associations.

Human Growth Hormone Scam #2

Their Claim
Several HGH companies say they have invented a new method of Hgh delivery that allows the extremely large Hgh molecule to be absorbed under the tongue.

The Truth
If modern medicine could create a delivery system like this, then Human Growth Hormone injections would no longer be necessary, and prescription Hgh would be taken sublingually. Even if these potentially deceptive Hgh companies could get the large hgh molecule delivered their actual Hgh dosage is only 1% of a prescription dose, and can only be effective if delivered in a proper homeopathic preparation.

Our extensive research has isolated 2 HGH Releasers that we believe are superior to the rest. Our #1 pick out of over 65 reviewed HGH products is PRO HGH and our Best value award goes to GHR15

Human Growth Hormone Scam #3

Their Claim
Several Hgh companies that sell Hgh Releasers, also known as Secretagogues, try to fool you into thinking that their product contains actual human growth hormone.

The Truth
Hgh Releasers or Secretagogues although quite effective in increasing IGF-1 and Human Growth Hormone - do not contain any actual human growth hormone.   However, they do contain specific amino acids and other ingredients that have been proven to increase the release of HGH in the body.

Human Growth Hormone Scam #4

Don't Be Fooled By Low Price (MSRP under $60) offers for growth hormone releaser supplements and growth hormone homeopathic sprays.

There is a very simple explanation for a Low priced growth hormone releaser supplement, and that is you get what you paid for. There are over 75 companies selling Hgh, and only a handful actually produce their own products. The vast majority simply buy inferior formulations at a low price, repackage them and sell them cheap hoping to cash in on all the recent popularity of Hgh supplements.

The effectiveness of a growth hormone releaser is tide directly to the quality of ingredients used, along with controlled manufacturing methods, and a well researched formulation in specific quantities designed to heighten effectiveness.

Exception to the expensive HGH rule
Our reseach team has found one fairly inexpensive Hgh releaser that we strongly recommend.   GHR15 is a great Hgh releaser and is our #2 choice out of all 45 Hgh products that we researched.

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