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If you are looking for an all natural progesterone cream then Life-Flo ProgestaCare is the one to get!

ProgestaCare Natural Progesterone Cream Info

Enhances absorption by up to 90%. Exclusive calibrated pump style dosage control
FREE 90 minute Dr. John Lee Progesterone info CD
Ordering Info is Below!

Natural Progesterone creams can help with the following:

 Relief of PMS symptoms
 Easier menopause transition
 Helps control Hot Flashes
 Improved libido (sex drive)
 Help prevent osteoporosis and increase bone density
Eleviate the symptoms of estrogen dominance
 Improved mood and much more

Before Taking A Natural Progesterone Cream, it is important to understand the facts first:

Go Natural - Synthetic Progesterones can be dangerous

Avoid Synthetic Progesterone
Synthetic progesterone (normally referred to as progestin) are drugs which are manufactured by drug companies and are normally only available by prescription. .  Of the synthetic versions of progesterone (Provera is the most common of them), and is not natural to the body and therefore can cause undesirable side effects.

Natural Progesterone Cream
A Natural progesterone cream like Progestacare is all natural because it is the identical molecule to that manufactured by the human body.  When natural progesterone creams are taken in the proper dosage there are no major side effects.  Mild side effects include a feeling of euphoria ( due to its anti-deppresent quality), and for some reason in some women it may alter the timing of the menstrual cycle.

Why do I need a Doctor Formulated Natural Progesterone Cream like ProgestaCare?

In western industrialized countries, after menopause progesterone decreases by over 99% from its original youthful baseline levels; while estrogen production only decreases by about 40%.

This situation leads to an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone, which Dr. Lee refers to as "estrogen dominance syndrome '.

Many women find that by supplementing their hormone production with a natural progesterone cream they will reduce many or most of their menopausal or PMS symptoms.

The presence of progesterone in the body sensitizes estrogen receptor sites thus enabling estrogen to work more efficiently.

Progesterone is a precursor to other hormones in the body including estrogen, testosterone, and especially the corticosteriods. A woman’s ovaries make two hormones, estrogen and progesterone. When these hormones are out of balance, hormone related illnesses can emerge.

ProgestaCare -Natural Progesterone Cream- Ordering Info is below!.

Why don’t the makers of Provera and other pharmaceutical companies sell natural progesterone?

Quite simply they can’t patent it, and therefore need to modify the chemical structure in order to obtain a patent and FDA approval. Here at the, we have always believed that nature knows best, and whenever possible it is best to take products that are natural, and therefore have a chemical structure that your body recognizes and can use efficiently.

If you are presently taking Provera or an other synthetic progesterone (progestin) then you may want to talk to your health care professional about slowly tapering off your prescription, while phasing in a natural progestrone cream like ProgestaCare.

Dr. Recommended and Doctor formulated ProgestaCare
Contains the following performance-enhancing ingredients:

·ingredientNatural Progesterone     (
Delivered through a calibrated exact dosage pump)
·ingredient Aloe Vera  
 ingredientVitamin E   ·
ingredient MSM
ingredient Grape Seed Extract  
ingredient Primrose Oil   
ingredientGinseng and More!  
·  see complete ingredient list or jut order below
- guranteed lowest price

A few more things you need to know:

Should I avoid Natural Progesterone Creams with Wild Yams?

The raw material for natural progesterone is usually wild yam but a word of caution is necessary here and that is that wild yam extracts are not the same as progesterone. Progesterone is obtained by extracting diosgenin from wild yams and then converting this component into natural progesterone in the laboratory. There is no evidence that wild yam is converted into progesterone once it enters into the human body and unlike natural progesterone, no conclusive formal studies have ever been conducted that identifies any particular benefits from wild yam

Why should I use a cream with a transderamal delivery system like ProgestaCare?

Doctors around the world are calling transdermal delivery the 'delivery system of the future.' The reason for this is when supplements are delivered transdermally, they go directly to the bloodstream, initially bypassing the liver. The result can mean as much as 95% of the supplements get to the cells where they are needed. Conversely, studies have shown when some substances are taken orally, as little as 5% make it to the cells where they are needed. This is because of the stomach, liver and digestive system excreting and discarding much of them. Think about that for a moment. 95% absorbtion with Progesterone Cream vs. 5% without.!

Ordering Info

If you are looking for an all natural progesterone cream then ProgestaCare is the one to get!

Sun BulletEffective Transdermal Delivery System
Sun BulletUp to 90% Enhanced Absorption

 Sun BulletExclusive Calibrated Pump Dosage Control
 Sun BulletIncludes FREE Dr. John Lee Progesterone CD




ProgestaCare - 90 day supply
Large 4oz Easy Dosage Pump container
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ProgestaCare - Two 4oz Pumps
- A 180 day supply!

Includes FREE Dr. Lee Progesterone CD
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ProgestaCare 4oz Pump- 3 containers -
A Full 9 month supply!

Includes FREE Dr. Lee Progesterone CD
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  Female Hormone Test Kit  
Test your female hormones from the confort of your own home!

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