Do you have enough Male Hormones?

Male Hormone Testosterone and DHEA Home Testing Kits
Testing Testosterone and DHEA levels are vital to understanding a man's hormonal balance.

Easy Saliva collection method.   

The Testosterone Home test kit includes everything you need to test both Testosterone and DHEA. Plus now you can also test Cortisol or Estrogen for free.

testosterone test kit

retail price $119
Testosterone & DHEA Home Test Kit
Our price only $84.95

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Price includes complete lab kit, instructions, all lab processing fees for 3 hormones, results chart and prepaid express return shipping and handling

Importance of Testing Testosterone & DHEA

Why should my hormone levels be tested?

Testosterone is not only important in sexual function and development, but also can affect cardiovascular health, muscle and bone growth and energy levels.

DHEA is the most abundant steroid hormone in your body and serves as the source for testosterone production. DHEA boosts the immune system, decreases blood pressure, helps to regulate sleep and assists in your body's stress response. Both hormones are essential to your optimal well-being.

An imbalance of these hormones has been shown to be the underlying cause for symptoms associated with:

sunLoss of Libido
sunSleep Disorders
sunSexual Dysfunction
sunCardiovascular Trouble
sunMuscle and Bone development
sunWeight Gain/Loss
sunHigh Blood Pressure

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or conditions, a simple hormone home test kit, Male Check, may help you identify the cause.

Testing testosterone and DHEA and keeping them in balance really does optimize your feelings of being a man. MaleCheck by BodyBalance is the easiest way to monitor the balance of these hormones

offers you the reliability of a laboratory analysis from the comfort of your own home. When you order your Male Hormone Home Test Kit, we'll send a complete collection kit and instructions. You then collect the required saliva sample and send it back to the lab in the prepaid return mailer provided. Within 7-10 working days of receiving your sample, your results will be sent, and you will receive a report comparing your results to the rest of the population. It's that simple.

retail price $119
Complete Male Hormone Test Kit - only $84.95
Guaranteed lowest price

Price includes complete lab kit, instructions, all lab processing fees, results chart.

Bonus: Now includes testing of an extra hormone. Tests Testoserone, DHEA and your choice of either Cortisol or Estrogen.

After testing your male hormones, you may notice that your Testosterone and DHEA levels are below baseline levels. If your hormone levels are low, then you and your health practitioner may want to try enhancing your Testosterone and DHEA levels. After extensive research the best product we could find for assisting Testosterone function is Testron-SX. In the DHEA area, the best product we could find is DHEA MAX.

After initially testing your Testosterone and DHEA levels, it is recommended that you re-check after 3-4 months of taking Testosterone and/or DHEA replacement therapy.

More info on Testosterone

More info on DHEA


testosterone test kit

• Easy Saliva Collection

• Testosterone Home Test Kit

Measures Testosterone and DHEA, which can affect: energy levels, mood, lean muscle mass, and much more.

Special Note:
Make sure at least one month has passed since you started taking hormone supplements before beginning any of the HormoneChecks. Time is required before the hormone reaches equilibrium with binding proteins in the blood, specimens collected too soon do not accurately reflect hormone concentrations in the saliva

Please Note:
Results and information are for personal use only, are not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease or other conditions, and are not intended to provide a determination or assessment of the state of health. Many factors influence hormone status, and this product reviews only three of these factors. Always consult with a licensed health care professional to interpret screen results and/or make healthcare decisions. This screen was developed and its performance characteristics determined by Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. It has not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.





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Testosterone Home Test Kit -Also measures DHEA
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