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What is Testosterone anyway?
Testosterone Home Testing Kit

Doctor Recommended Testron SX

Increase Testosterone Naturally

Testron SX
- Our #1 Choice!
Adaptagen complex with Tribulas Terestris

Doctor recommended Testron SX is non-chemical and works through natural plant derived compounds that have been scientifically demonstrated to increase testosterone naturally and support the physiologic functions associated with testosterone. Testron SX produces verifiable results in men, women, and athletes.

Testron SX bypasses the inherent limitations of using an isolated hormone, by offering a full complement of supportive enzyme-activated herbs and orchic substance, which work synergistically to address the entire endocrine system.

Although testosterone is produced by two endocrine glands, production and response to testosterone is affected by the entire endocrine system.

Testron SX is the only product of this kind that we could find that addresses all aspects of the endocrine system.

Ingredients in Testron SX
Testron SX contains a synergistic blend of Phyto Pharmaceuticals: Proteusterone(Dioscorea machro Stachya Complex). Orchic Substance, Smilex Medica, Tribulus Terestris 920mg., Peptide Activated Testrasterone(Pfaffia, Uritca Doica, Avena, Muira Pauma)370mg., 1.5 mg. Boron Chelate. All in a Natural Self-Emulsifying Delivery System.

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Testosterone & DHEA Home Testing Kit - Test your Testosterone levels today!

What is Testosterone Anyway?

Testosterone is responsible for sex drive in both men and women. Finally there is a way to increase testosterone naturally with Testron SX.

As testosterone diminishes with age, so does sexual functioning in both sexes. Restoring testosterone to youthful levels in both men and women can restore libido and sexual function.

With testosterone replacement therapy, diminished sexuality may no longer be a necessary part of aging. Restored healthy sexuality through testosterone enhancement can add immeasurably to a person's zest for life, enthusiasm, and overall psychological well being in the later years of life.

Testosterone, and androgenic hormone are produced by the adrenals and testes of men and ovaries of women, it functions as support for sex drive, muscle growth, bone maintenance, and mental function and also as an intermediate for the production of other hormones.

Studies indicate that higher levels of circulating testosterone are associated with a lower risk of heart disease. Declining testosterone production, which occurs with age, may lead to an impairment of sex drive and other functions that are normally supported by testosterone

Order Testosterone SX now!

Testosterone & DHEA Home Testing Kit - Test your Testosterone levels today!

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