Suzanne Sommer's #1 Skin Care Secret - The FaceMaster MicroCurrent Facial Toning System

Suzanne Sommer's #1 Skin Care Secret - The FaceMaster MicroCurrent Facial Toning System
FaceMaster Platinum Facial Toning System
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Sagging Skin is NOT About Your Skin, It's about Deteriorating Facial Muscles

There are over 22 individual muscles in the human face, and herein lies the secret to looking younger. The wrinkles, lines and “sagging” skin that come with aging largely result from the gradual weakening of the muscles underneath the skin. Keeping the facial muscles firm and toned smoothes the skin to restore a naturally youthful look.

Did You Know That Plastic Surgery Works On Your Muscles?

When a plastic surgeon does a face lift, it really is not the skin that is repaired. Instead, the surgeon focuses on lifting and tightening the muscles beneath the skin. A lot of people think that a facelift is the answer when gravity and detiorating face muscles begin to make the skin saggy and less firm; but a facelift should be your last resort. The best skincare ingredients and this FaceMaster Platinum Skin Toning System are your best anti aging options for younger, healthier looking skin..

Suzanne Sommers #1 Secret for Young Looking Skin is her FaceMaster Platinum MicroCurrent Facial Toning System

Suzanne was looking for a natural process without the surgery, and came across this incredible new microcurrent facial technology! It's an all natural way to target the visible signs of aging by lifting, tightening, and toning! Like a non surgical facelift, microcurrent therapy is used in the world's most elite spas and cosmetic medical offices to fight wrinkles, crowsfeet, and puppet lines.

Facelift without Surgery - Spa tested MicroCurrent Technology Now Avaivalable at Home

Once only available in pricey spas or with a medical visit.   MicroCurrent Facial Toning uses small pulses of electricity to stimulate the muscles below the skin & it's now available for in-home treatments!

How MicroCurrent Facial Lifting Works – A Natural Process Without Surgery

When you use the FaceMaster, low-level gentle waves of stimulation pulse through the facial skin, affecting both the surface tissues and the facial muscles that support the skin.

Microcurrents can tighten the muscles, and also have been known to encourage the production of ATP, which fosters creation of skin-supporting proteins, like elastin and collagen. MicroCurrent technology stimulates facial muscles that are directly connected to the skin, tightening and strengthening the facial muscles can result in a tighter, lifted, youthful appearance. Certain facial excersises have also been shown to help, but they can actually make wrinkles worse, so the best technique for tightening sagging skin and muscles is the FaceMaster Platinum Facial Toning System.

The FaceMaster Platinum System is the Ultimate Facial Toning Device

The medical and technical team behind the revolutionary creation of FaceMaster have compiled years of research on how FaceMaster, with Advanced "Wave" MicroCurrent Technology, can deliver affordable and beautiful results without invasive procedures. Each at home treatment can take up to 15 minutes, which you can do while watching TV. The full treatment should be done 1-3 times a week. You can also do partial treatments in problem spots more often taking just a couple of minutes at a time.

The FaceMaster® Platinum is an easy-to-use, patented toning system that individually stimulates each facial muscle group, firming those areas that normally suffer the ravages of time. Its revolutionary technology reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. No expensive spa treatments. No deadening injections. No invasive surgical procedures.

In just minutes a day, the FaceMaster® Platinum

  • Smoothes forehead wrinkles

  • Improves brow line

  • Diminishes dark circles and crow’s feet

  • Plumps cheeks

  • Softens puppet lines

  • Turns up smile muscles

The makers of the FaceMaster® Platinum have taken a $12,000 piece of medical equipment, found exclusively in high-end beauty spas, and miniaturized it into a home unit that sells for a small fraction of the cost.

  • New sleek, efficient design allows for ease of use, portability, easy storage and stability

  • Helps support the skin's firmness, texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines

  • Contains a proprietary, specialized bi-phase symmetric square wave waveform specifically designed for optimal face muscle toning

  • LCD display makes the FaceMaster easy to use with an intensity selector, program selector, feathering program and optional beeper

  • Two Hand Wands enhance effectiveness and customization for all procedures

  • New Finger Wands designed for one hand only, same benefits as hand wands plus added flexibility to have one hand free

  • Newly designed Conductive Serum well for easier access, use and clean up

This complete system comes with:

  • The FaceMaster Platinum Unit

  • Platinum Hand Wands and Finger Wands

  • Soothing Conductive Serum

  • FaceMaster Foam Caps

  • Usage and instructional manuals

  • FaceMaster DVD

  • 9 Volt Battery

1 Year Warranty & Zero Risk Offer

The FaceMaster is a high quality spa system you can use at home. This revolutionary Microcurrent therapy actually works if you follow the DVD instructions and use it 2 to 3 times a week.   If after using it, and if you're not fully satisfied then you will get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.  So what do you have to loose, order today.

The FaceMaster Platinum Microcurrent Toning Device comes with a full one year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

 Order Yours Today!


Suzanne Sommer's #1 Skin Care Secret - The FaceMaster MicroCurrent Facial Toning System
FaceMaster Platinum Facial Toning System
Retail price: $299.95
Your Price: $245.00
You save $54.95 ( 18% )

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