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Restore Night Vision with Super Nutrient C3G

As we age our ability to see in low light and darkness becomes seriously impaired, and the reason for this is twofold:First of all the muscles that control our pupil size and reaction to light become weaker, and as a result our aging pupils become smaller letting in less light.


Secondly, our ability to see in the dark is further impaired by the dramatic loss of Rhodopsin. This is the important compound in our eyes that absorbs light in our retina, and its reduction is the primary reason for the progressive loss of our night vision as we age.


The result is a person in their 60's needs three times more ambient light for comfortable reading than a person in their 20s. When it comes to dark conditions, the discrepancy becomes even worse and a person in their 20s receives 8 times more light than that of an 80 year old.


The good news is that researches have discovered a remarkable compound called C3G that can combat and help prevent severe night vision loss.


C3G is the abbreviation for cyanidin-3-glucoside, and it is the pigment that gives dark fruits like blackberry and black currants their distinctive purple color. C3G is a flavonoid molecule that is more properly classified in the family of anthocyanins.

Several recent studies have shown C3G's remarkable ability to bind to and regenerate the molecular structure of rhodopsin in both the dark and light states. If you recall, rhodopsin is a light sensitive protein in your retina that absorbs light.


c3g black currant



Black Currants are the new Bilberry that actually works.   Bilberry become popular due to the folklore that pilots in WWII used it to have better night vision. Although partially true, new research studies have shown that black currant is much more effective at preventing night vision loss, so we no longer recommend taking bilberry.


Black Currants are the best source for 3CG which is the main form of anthocyanins found in dark fruits. Interestingly it is the C3G pigment in these fruits that protects them from direct sunlight, and these powerful sun protecting effects are passed along to our aging eyes.


Aside from helping with night vision, the nutrients in black currants can also help with dry eye relief by contributing to natural and normal tear production; while also promoting better blood flow and waste removal. Black Currants also help improve the refractory power of the eyes; thereby helping us to better focus on objects that are both far and near.



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