DHEA & Weight Loss

DHEA helps with weight lossAs we age our DHEA production falls dramatically. Low DHEA has been seen to correlate with a lot of age related problems and diseases.

Medical information shows that DHEA peaks around the age of 25 and then drops by 85-90% by the time a person reaches 70 years old. A number of animal studies and several  human studies have shown that DHEA has positive effects on lipid levels, body fat content, and much more.

Low Levels of DHEA Have Been Linked to Weight Gain

Several human and animal studies have shown that DHEA reduces abdominal visceral fat and protects against insulin resistance.

Insulin and weight gain often go hand in hand. People with insulin resistance often make to much insulin when they eat, or they produce too much insulin in order to maintain blood glucose levels. Since your body can not excrete excess insulin it ends up using it to increase stored body fat. When supplementing with the superior micronized form of DHEA, it helps your body protect against insulin resistance.

A large scale study of 942 men, the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, showed that fat around the abdomen was associated with lower DHEA levels.

Researchers at Washington University did a small double blind placebo controlled study and found that the participants that were given 50 mg of DHEA daily had a significant decrease in abdominal fat, and also raised their insulin sensitivity, thus protecting against diabetes.

In summary, DHEA can help older adults loose weight by helping to decrease fat content; especially around the abdomen.      DHEA can also help by assisting in balancing our hormones, and helping to protect against insulin resistance; thereby assisting in the battle to loose weight. When it comes weight loss it is important to note that both diet and exercise are probably the most important aspects.



The Main Benefits of DHEA - includes new supporting research


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