Does your HRT come from Pregnant Mare Urine

pregnant mare urine

Premarin comes from Cruelly Treated Pregnant Mares?

The Premarin family of drugs are made from horse urine, and the name itself
is derived from PREgnant MARes' urINe. If you dissolve Premarin in a small amount of water, you will notice that it smells like piss, that's because it is made from pure horse urine.

If you’ve been prescribed Premarin, Prempro,Prempak-C, Premique, or the combined menopausal-osteoporosis drug Duavee (formerly called Aprela), then you have been prescribed a potentially dangerous synthetic form of HRT that contains conjugated horse oestrogens derived from the urine of cruellly treated horses.

premarin-cruelty-horsesEach year approximately 75,000 mares are impregnated and suffer being confined in small stalls so that all their urine can be collected in bags hanging beneath them. The Horses are given less than normal amounts of water in order to produce a heavier concentration of estrogen in their urine. These cruely treated horses are unable to exercise or lie down comfortably and endure severe physical and emotional trauma. Many develop hoof deformities, open sores from chafing by the urine bags, and respiratory disorders from inadequate ventilation, to name a few. The emotional pain of being unable to move, rest adequately, or socialize with other horses and with caring human beings is beyond measure.

Also what is very important to know is that humans don't have any of the co-factors required to metabolize equilin and the other horse estrogens.  Humans are not meant to consuume equine estrogens and as a result our bodies do not know what to do with it; and this is most likely one of the main reasons for all the side effects with prescription estrogen.  

Due to the cruelty of animals and other Premarin and Prempro side effects, more and more women are opting for natural Estrogen Replacement.



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