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Synthetic Hormone Contraindications - What You Need to Know

Before going on we feel it is important to clarify and clear up the main misconceptions about Progesterone. Progesterone is natural and what your body produces and therefore harmless to your body. 

Prescription Progesterone on the other hand is not progesterone at all but  synthetic chemicals called Progestins; which are foreign to the human body and are the contributing factor to its potentially dangerous side effects. It is also important to point out  that all the warnings on the FDA website now refers to Progestins not to bio-identical progesterone. Progestins and Progesterone are totally different things and all the know contraindications are for progestins not progesterone. 

Natural Bioidentical USP Progesterone on the other hand  is available in  the best Natural Progesterone Creams  and still appears to be totally safe and is a much better choice than chemical progestins. See below to learn more about the difference between bio-identical natural progesterone and its dangerous chemical cousin Progestin.

Why is it Dangerous to Take Synthetic Estrogens and Progestins

On July 9th 2002, The National Institute of Health announced that it had halted a major study, stating that the long-term use of estrogen and progestin significantly increases the chances of invasive breast cancer, blood clots, and heart attacks. This is the main study that brought to light the dangers of taking progestins, and since we last reported on this study back in February 2004 the FDA has not released any new information on this subject; although they mysteriously changed there links to this information on there website twice to our knowledge.

The latest study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine dated February 5, 2009, concluded that hormone therapy doubles the risk of breast cancer. According to this new study, women past menopause who take both estrogen and progestin (like in Prempro) for five years or more have twice the risk of developing breast cancer. It is interesting to note that when these same women stopped taking the prescription combination hormones, then the number of breast cancer incidents dropped by about 28 percent within the first year. The sad truth that despite all these clear warning signs doctors are still prescribing these toxic formulas to women, but are no longer recommending it for long term use

Taking Synthetic Hormones are Now also linked to Lung Cancer deaths.

According to New Research, women using synthetic hormones may have an increased risk of dying of lung cancer.  Findings from the WHI (Women's Health Initiative) indicate that the use of synthetic estrogen Prempro coupled with its synthetic progesterone counterpart can lead to a 59 percent increase in death if a women develops small cell lung cancer, and significant increase in the chance of death if a women developed any kind of cancer.

Older Women Don't Benefit From Synthetic HRT

Study released July 12th, 2007

The international study on older women, published in the British Medical Journal, confirms recent findings that suggest hormone replacement therapy or HRT poses risks for women in their 60s just starting to take it.

For long-term prevention of chronic diseases, hormone therapy would really not be advisable," said Dr. JoAnn Manson, chief of the division of preventive medicine at Harvard Medical School's Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston.

This is a confusing time for women dealing with the symptoms of menopause. The FDA advises women to talk to their doctors, and if they decide to still use Prempro or Premarin or one of the dozen new versions of these synthetic drugs, then the FDA recommends using

“the lowest dose for the shortest duration to reach treatment goals, although it is not yet known what dose there may be less risk of serious side effects.”

It has become increasing clear that there are strong dangers associated with pharmaceutical estrogen/progestin therapy.  Doctors at this time really don’t know what duration or what dosage to recommend to avoid all the above risks.
Way back in May 30,2003 – WHI scientists halted the study when they found out that women using the prescription estrogen plus Progestin had more heart attacks, breast cancer, blood clots, and strokes.  One of the biggest surprises of the Women’s Health Initiative Memory Study (WHIMS) is that the use of Prempro in women over 65 doubled the risk for developing Dementia. This was unexpected, and is another serious blow to the makers of Premarin and Prempro.

Bioidentical Estrogen & Progesterone - Natural HRT to the Rescue

Natural bioidentical USP progesterone is derived from wild yams and is totally identical to that which  is produced by a women's ovaries.  In contrast to synthetic progestin and estrogen, natural bioidentical hormones are easily recognized by the human body as their molecular structure is identical. 

Since bioidentical progesterone is the same as the natural progesterone produced in your body, there are no known real side effects if taken properly.  In fact it is so well tolerated by the body that a pregnant women has up to 10 times more progesterone than normal.  The key to taking all natural bioidentical hormones, is to monitor your hormone levels before and during hrt, and to clyle your dosage; as well as also taking other bioidentical hormones such as estrogen, HGH and DHEA at the same time. Pretty much all our hormones decline dramatically as we age, and any serious anti aging regemen targets boosting falling hormone levels.

Bioidentical forms Estrogen are also natural to the human body and are in sharp contrast to pharmaceutical estrogen which is derived from pregnant mare urine, hence the name Premarin.  The human body is not designed to use equine estrogen and this is most likely one of the main reasons that it has a host of side effects.   For these reasons we believe that Bioidential estrogen is a much better option and does not appear to have any of the same side effects.

Between 2001 and 2011, estrogen replacement therapy in women aged 50-59 subsequently dropped by a whopping 79 percent. The reason for this is obviously all the negative research and news created by all the supporting research outlined above.   The sad part is doctors were and still are slow to recommend natural bioidentical hormones which do not have the same side effects as these synthetic progestins and equine horse estrogens.   Cutting edge doctors are now recommending bioidentical hormone replacement therapy as it is clearly your best option for boosting falling hormone levels.

Our important notes & Comments

It is important to note that all the negative studies outlined above, were all conducted using either Premarin or Prempro, the two most commonly prescribed types of menopausal hormone therapies when the study began.

Here at the Anti Aging Guide, we find it surprising that none of the articles to date address the issue that Premarin contains equine estrogen (horse estrogen), and that synthetic progestins are just that synthetic, and are totaly different from natural progesterone.

The “equine estrogen” that is used in Premarin is derived from the urine of cruelly treated pregnant horses. These horse estrogens that are in Premarin are not natural to the human body.

The human body does not have any of the co-factors necessary to metabolize or deal with these horse estrogens,
and it is our hypothesis that these foreign horse estrogens are one of the main causes of all the side effects and dangers of prescription estrogen .

Why nobody is looking at this we do not know. We hope new studies will be completed using natural phyto-estrogens and natural progesterone.

In addition, Prempro is a synthetic progestin, and is NOT PROGESTERONE AT ALL. The molecules of theses frankenstien progestins are close enough to natural progesterone that they seeks out and reside in the progesterone receptacles in the body.

The problem is the progesterone receptors don't know how to deal with these synthetic progestins, and of course our bodies react over time with side effects.

Why the media is not even mentioning this is beyond us! The mainstream media just assumes and reports that synthetic progestins and progesterone are the same thing, and that Premarin is just normal estrogen. As our readers are already aware they are loaded with horse estrogens that humans have never consumed before.

Don't miss the great Progesterone scam with Provera

After extensive research it is our opinion that the best option is to first have your doctor start you with natural hormone replacement therapy. Before beginning natural hormone therapy you should check your hormone levels at the proper time of the month.

If natural phytoestrogens and/or natural progesterone, along with supporting vitamins fails for some reason; then you may want to take low doses of human and horse estrogens; along with some synthetic progestins.

Why risk your health when it is now possible to take natural plant based estrogen supplements that have been proven safe and effective; with none of the side effects listed above. CLICK HERE to find out which form of Natural Estrogen is the Best and Why?

Most of the time women don't even need estrogen, and in fact need natural progesterone. Are you suffering from Estrogen Dominance Syndrome?  Plus What to Do About it.

If you would like further information about the above health warning, then you may find it at the Women's Health Initiative Website. The
two best links are below:
The Estrogen Alone Study
The Estrogen plus Progestin Study

Also check out the FDA's responces to the above WHI statements.

FDA Statement on the Results of the Women's Health Initiative (Posted 8/13/2002)

Updated Labeling for Estrogen and Estrogen-Progestin Products for Postmenopausal Women

Between 2001 and 2011, estrogen replacement therapy in women aged 50-59 subsequently dropped by a whopping 79 percent

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