HGH Scams to Avoid!

hgh scams to avoid

HGH  is short for Human Growth Hormone, and it's a single-chain protein hormone consisting of 191 amino acids that are synthesized and secreted by cells called Somatrophs in the anterior pituitary gland. HGH is one of many endocrine hormones, like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, melatonin, and DHEA, which all decline with age.

Various research studies have shown that taking Human Growth Hormone can help stimulate muscle growth and decreases body fat.  It can also help with heart function, make your skin more elastic and generally slow many of the signs of aging.  

When it comes to HGH there are a variety of scams and inferior products on the market.  Prescription HGH can cost anywhere from $800 to $2500 a month and if you can afford it,  this may be a good option for you.   Personally we recommend all natural secretagogue formulas that do not contain actual HGH; but have been scientifically shown to increase your bodies secretion of this important hormone.   

Your best natural option for boosting HGH is to take natural Secretagogue releasing ingredients.  Secretagogue is a fancy word for a hormone releasing compounds, and they are based on the fact that recent medical research has revealed that our aging pituitary cells can still produce just as much HGH as someone in their 20's, but looses its ability to secrete it.  Various secretagogues are thus able to stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete more HGH.

Below are the top 6 Human Growth Hormone Scams to avoid!

It is sad that companies actually try to scam you into buying their inferior and often dangerous products, hopefully this article will stop you from getting ripped off by own of these HGH scams.

 1Beware of Fake HGH from Mexico or China

Prescription HGH, as mentioned earlier,can cost anywhere from $800 to $2500 a month, and if you can afford this then please go to a reputable doctor.  If you are dealing with a good doctor hopefully they can provide you with a reputable brand of prescription HGH; but be aware that there have been several scams in the past where doctors and pharmacies were actually buying fake knockoffs of reputable brands out of China.  The only real way to know for sure is to have your doctor contact their supplier and make sure that your particular batch was analyzed in a lab to assure its purity.  This is important as their have been lots of reported cases of poor quality HGH, or formulas contaminated with bacterial residue.

Do not be tempted to try and save money and buy HGH off the "black" or "grey" markets as you most likely would be receiving a fake Chinese knockoff of a real brand name or an untested generic brand.

If you can not afford Prescription HGH then just try a good natural secretagogue; which in reality should probably be your starting point anyway.  Always get your IGF-1  levels tested first so that you have a baseline level to work with.

2All Prescription HGH is not the Same - Buyer and Doctors Beware

Real bioidentical Prescription HGH is a single chain protien sequence of 191 amino acids.  This type of real bioidentical human growth hormone is extremely expensive to produce and so this is probably not what your doctor is recommending for you.  Only brands that have the 191 amino acid chain are bioidentical Somatropin.    Most prescription HGH is actually a synthetic mimic of HGH and is a 192 amino acid sequence that is called Sometrem. We do not recommend this synthetic version as it has additional side effects and potentially even more that we do not know about yet.  There has not really been any research that we are aware of on the synthetic version of HGH therefore we do not really recommend it.  We believe that nature knows best and that bioidentical hormones are the way to go.

Talk to your Doctor, but ideally you do not want the liquid injection form of prescription HGH as it can be very fragile and sensitive to room temperature and shaking; which are obviously hard to avoid.  Ideally you want to make sure it is lyophilized, which is just a scientific term for freeze dried; which makes it easy to be shipped worldwide and makes it less fragile than the liquid form.

3Homeopathic HGH and Fake HGH Dosage Info

Several companies say that their product contains a huge dosage of 1500 to 2000 nanograms (ng) of Real Human Growth Hormone,  Dont be fooled by this or other claims of homeopathic type HGH.   There have been no reputable studies to show if homeopathic actually helps your body release more HGH.  We do believe that homeopathic medicine has it place, but it important to know that homeopathic medicine only contains a few molecules of the material substance, and it supposedly does its actual work on the energetic auric field in humans.

It is important to note that there is no such thing as high potency non-prescription HGH and some illegitimate manufacturers are using minuscule homeopathic hgh amounts and are hiding the reality from you. 

The actual amount of Human Growth Hormone that is approved by the FDA and used in Hgh Prescription Injections is not measured in ng(nanograms), but is actually measured in IU (International Units). It actually takes around 300,000 ng (nanograms) to equal just One IU.

In reality,  these scam companies boasting 2000 nanograms of real HGH; are actually 298,000 nanograms short of the minimal therapeutic dosage of prescription HGH. How deceptive can you get! Where is their big dose of real growth hormones. These companies are actually only giving you 1% of a prescription injection, but are marketing it as if they are giving you a huge dosage.

4Fake Claims about Liquid HGH Delivery Systems

Several companies say they have invented a new method of delivery that allows the extremely large HGH molecule to be absorbed under the tongue or through the stomach.   Consequently, these companies are mostly the same companies that promote scam #3 above; as all their formulas are in liquid or spray form.

The truth is, if modern medicine could create a delivery system like this, then Human Growth Hormone injections would no longer be necessary, and prescription Hgh would be taken sublingually, by pill or in spray formulations. 

 5HGH Secretagogues & Boosters Contain Real HGH - Faulty Claim

The beauty of HGH Releasers or Secretagogues is that they do not contain real HGH, but encourage your body to release its own dormant HGH.  If you recall from the intro paragraph of this article a person in their 60's still produces and has the same amount of HGH as someone in their 20's, the problem comes in that the pituitary gland looses it ability to secrete it effectively.   Properly formulated Secretagogues like Symbiotropin that contais all the best HGH releasing ingredients in the proper dosages to help encourage your body to secrete more of its own natural HGH.

The scam aspect is that some illegitimate secretagogue companies or websites try to make you think their product contains real HGH.   It is important to know that the FDA started cracking down on this way back in 2008, so most reputable HGH Secretagogue promoting websites such as our own, have since changed their actual product names and marketing literature.  Although secretagogues do not contain real HGH they definitely appear to work.  Of course some secretagogues work better than others and the main one that we recommend is Symbiotropin, formally marketed as Pro HGH.

6 Cheap Prescription HGH or Cheap Natural Secretagogue Formulas - Their False Claims

First of all lets briefly talk about cheap Prescription HGH, there isn't any.  Real pharmaceutical formulations start at $800 a month, you can probably get them cheaper on the black market, but buyer beware, please refer to Scam #1 for more info.

In the case of all natural HGH Releasers or Secretagogues, don't buy any of the inexpensive products, because they are inexpensive for a reason.  Don't be fooled by these inexpensive knockoff formulas; as they may have similar ingredients to the premium products such as Symbiotropin, but if you look at their labels their dosage info is way to low and does not contain  a high enough dosage of the best HGH Releasing ingredients to actually work. 

Basically you get what you pay for, and the only HGH releaser that we actually recommend, as mentioned previously is SYMBIOTROPIN, formerly branded as PRO HGH.


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