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Medical Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy in the form of Prescription HGH injections has been prohibitively expensive and  is difficult to get an actual prescription for. It is important to note that most of the research on HGH has been done with Prescription Injections. This is mostly due to the fact that large pharmaceutical companies are the ones that spend the large amount of money needed for Medical Studies.

HGH prescriptions can cost anywhere from $800 to $2,500 a month, and usually require one or two self administered shots daily.

The expensive cost of these Prescription injections has primarily limited their use to the rich and famous.Fortunately recent research into all natural HGH releasing supplements such as Top rated Symbiotropin formally called Pro HGH has made it easy and cheap for anyone over 35 to start undergoing HGH Hormone Therapy.

HGH Prescription Injections

Prescription Injections work by injecting a synthetic compound directly into the blood stream. Recent research has shown that smaller doses of HGH stimulating ingredients, actually work better than the originally tested larger doses. The newer smaller dose Prescription injection formulations and All Natural Secretagogues such as Symbiotropin and GHR15 eliminate almost all of the risks associated with high dose HGH injections..

There are two types of Prescription HGH The first kind of prescription HGH, as described above, injects synthetic HGH directly into the blood stream; thereby increasing Human Growth Hormone in the body.

At the present time Federal law actually prohibits HGH prescription injections; except for in the treatment of recognized medical conditions.   As we know from all the hype in the media, the use of prescription HGH for sports and muscle building is clearly against the law.   There are only two conditions that it can be subscribed for.  The firt is to help correct short stature in children who appear to have stunted growth.  The second is to help correct growth hormone deficiency, and this can be a grey area as human growth hormone drops drastically as we age.   In addition taking prescription HGH can be dangerous. Be sure to read our article on the side effects of HGH.

If you can afford the $800 to $2500 a month for prescription HGH injections, then there are several options available to you and you should find a qualified doctor to help you to maybe get a prescription.  Some of the available brands of prescription injections are: OmniTrope, Genotropin, Norditropin,Humatropin and Nutropin.

If you are like most people you can not afford the high costs or potential side effects of prescription HGH injections.    Luckily there are safer more natural options. The Anti Aging Guide specializes in natural hormone replacement thereapy, and when it comes to HGH, we recommend taking a natural HGH secretagogue like our top rated Symbiotropin.

Prescription Secretagoues

The second kind of prescription HGH is of the Secretagogue variety. Secretagogue, is a fancy word for hormone releasing compound.  Secretagogues are based on the fact that recent medical research has revealed that the aging pituitary cells can still secrete as much growth hormones as someone in their 20's if they are adequately stimulated to do so. This astounding discovery is the basis of new and upcoming prescription secretagogogues;as well as the now available natural secretagogues Symbiotropin and GHR15.

Recent research into the effectiveness of HGH releasers or Secretagogues has lead several pharmaceutical companies to look into the growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH). The only prescription GHRH presently approved by the FDA is Geref, manufactured by Serono Laboratories.  At the present time Geref is no longer available in the U.S and actually more costly than some of the regular prescription injections, costing over a $1,000 a month, and putting it well out of reach of most people.

Update: Geref has been discontinued in the U.S and Canadian markets. There is currently a fake version of Geref cloned in Chinese laboratories that is called Semorelin. This is a very expensive injection sold by some anti aging clinics, but we do not recommend taking it; as it is not FDA approved and there are safer natural secretagogues currently available without a prescription.

Natural Secretagogues

The exciting news is that all natural secretagogues such as Symbotropin are proving to be quite effective and cost over 90% less than the prescription secretagogue alternatives.

All natural methods are available today .High cost prescription Secretagogues, and low cost all natural secretagogues both work by stimulating the pituitary to release human growth hormone. HGH Secretagogues seems to be a more natural and rational approach; as we are stimulating the endocrine axis at a higher level, causing the body to release human growth hormone more naturally on its own. In contrast prescription HGH injections are adding synthetic human growth hormone directly into the blood stream.  This method obviously increases HGH in the body, but doesn't do it in a natural way, and doesn't cause your body to release more Hgh naturally.

Related: Check out our #1 Top Rated all natural secretagogue PRO HGH / Symbiotropin Now!  Also Check our less costly #2 Rated natural secretagogue GHR15 Now!

These alternative natural methods act to stimulate the pituitary to release Human Growth Hormone; which is actually still produced by our bodies in sufficient quantities as we age. These new types of therapies are not based on pumping the body up with synthetic HGH, but with releasing it from its dormant state within the pituitary gland itself.

What are the Benefits of Taking HGH

Various research studies have shown that taking Human Growth Hormone can help stimulate muscle growth and decrease body fat.  It can also help with heart function, make your skin thicker and more elastic: plus generally slow many of the signs of aging.  

For a complete break down of all the benefits along with supporting research please read our article HGH Benefits - Facts and Clinical Studies

What are the Side Effects of Taking Prescription HGH or Natural Secretagogues

The potential side effects of prescription HGH are: elevated blood sugar, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritus and edema. To learn about the other precautions and to learn how injections raise blood sugar etc, then please read our full article on the potential side effects of taking HGH. This article also discusses a couple of possible reactions to taking certain amino acids that are in most natural secretagogue formulations.


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