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First, you should ideally know your baseline DHEA Levels. You can have your doctor test your DHEA levels to determine proper dosing, or get a DHEA Home Test Kit.

The following quoted dosage information is from Dr. Regelson's book the Super-Hormone Promise.

“If you are in your late forties or beyond, the dose normally given to return your DHEA to twenty year old peak levels is between 25 and 50mg daily, or every other day, depending on your particular requirements.”

Dr Regelson has been taking 50mg every other day for over 15 years and claims he has achieved an excellent result.

The key seems to be in restoring DHEA levels to the levels in your youth.

The youthful levels are as follows:

  • Men 400-560 mcg per deciliter of blood

  • Women 350-430 mcg per deciliter of blood

  • If you are over 40 and do not supplement DHEA then you probably have serum DHEA levels below 200, and many of you may be below 100 mcg

Although a lot of sites are recommending dosages as high as 250 mg a day, we believe this is risky and may indeed be unsafe to take for long periods of time, and these high levels can lead to a host of side effects. Taking doses below 50 mg  a day does not appear to lead to any diverse reactions.

The important thing to do with DHEA appears to be to try and match your body's normal youthful levels. The average 25-year-old male only produces 25mg of DHEA a day, and the average female only 17mg in a 24 hr period. So just for this reason we don't recommend taking over 25mg a day, until blood tests and your doctor have determined otherwise. We also don't believe you should take it everyday, that way your body does not stop producing it. Taking it every other day or no more than 5 days a week seems like a good precaution. Dr. Hornsby at the Baylor College of Medicine believes that DHEA supplements, except in very high doses, are not likely to stop our bodies own production, although there is no long term human studies to confirm this.

The latest research seems to show that to maximize your benefits from DHEA and other hormones, it is best to take small doses of several natural hormones. This is mainly because hormones interact with each other, and if you are only boosting one this may effect your production of other hormones. Other hormones that work well with DHEA, are HGH and Testosterone. We encourage you to explore our site further to learn more about these other important hormones.

Take DHEA in the morning and look for Time Released Micronized DHEA In order to give your body time to adapt to increased DHEA, we believe that you should start out by splitting a 25mg tablet in half for the first week or so; and increasing up to 25mg a day if you are under 65, and up to a max of 50mg a day if you are 65 or older; unless your physician says otherwise.

It is also important to note that the quality of the actual DHEA tablet can effect absorption, and therefore proper dosage can vary between the type of Dhea supplement consumed. 

Some research has mentioned that anti-oxidants and soy taken along with DHEA can lower the chance of hormone modulation, and for women can help protect cells especially breast cells from excessive proliferation response to estrogen.

DHEA is naturally made in the morning hours in your body, therefore it appears that the morning is the best time to take DHEA.

Dr's. Roberts and Fitten, report in their book The Biologic Role of Dehydroepoandrosterone, that because of the short peak duration of DHEA they recommend that future studies or therapeutic trials use time-released micronized DHEA or transdermal patches to provide more uniform delivery of DHEA. Time-released DHEA appears to match the bodies natural production of DHEA better than the spike dosing of traditional DHEA supplements.

Don't take DHEA if you have diabetes, psychiatric conditions, or liver problems, or have cancer; as dhea may affect other hormones that could make your condition worse. There are other possible side effects of dhea, but if you take low dosing like we recommend then the side effects appear minimal.

And tell your doctor immediately if you think DHEA caused one or more of the side effects listed above or any other health problem


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