Natural Bioidentical Progesterone Dosage Instructions & side effects

bioidentical progesterone dosage info

When taking Natural Progesterone, it is important that you understand the Proper Dosage instructions.

Proper dosage and compliance are essential to correct your low progesterone level and achieve best results.  

At a minimum 2-3 months may be required to raise and maintain your progesterone levels enough to alleviate estrogen dominance syndrome.

For menopause and osteoporosis treatments, natural progesterone cream should be used indefinitely!

Progesterone dosage varies depending on whether you are in perimenopause,menopause or post menopause.  For further info, please also read our article on natural progesterone dosage instructions.

Natural Progesterone side effects 

There are no reports of any significant side effects or health problems associated with taking "Natural Bioidentical Progesterone". As Dr. Lee puts it, "the only side effect is that the guy across the room from you will get a little cuter".

Natural progesterone taken in the proper amounts may give some women a sense of euphoria, as their body re-balances progesterone to estrogen ratios. Also some women may experience a slight case of acne upon initial use as the the body adjusts and estrogen receptors become more sensitive.

It is important to note that natural USP bioidentical progesterone is not the same as pharmaceutical progesterone more accurately called Progestins which have a host of dangerous side effects....

What About High Doses of Natural Progesterone?

First of all we don't recommend high doses, but if you did, then, in the words of Dr John Lee, M.D. "We know that transdermal progesterone is very affective, very convenient, and very safe. Overdoses do not hurt anybody. An overdose might mess up some bodies period, it could cause the period to change as to when it comes in the month."

Where should I Apply My Bioidentical USP Progesterone Cream?

While USP bioidentical progesterone can be applied to any part of the body, Dr. Lee suggests that for best results it should be applied anywhere on your body where you blush. Dr. Zava ofAeron Lifecycle Laboratory reports rapid absorption when applied to the hands. It is very often recommended that it be applied to a different part of the body with each application and to parts where there is a minimum of fat such as behind the knees and on the chest.

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Dosage Instructions for Bioidentical USP Progesterone Creams like PhytoGest

How much Natural Progesterone should I use?

The proper amount depends on your current hormonal and menstrual status. The following are general recommendations that should be confirmed or modified after consultation with your medical health care provider.

A Female Hormone Home Test Kit  can provide you baseline information on your current levels of progesterone and help you assess the amount of natural progesterone that you need and the amount of PhytoGest to use.

The following are general dosage recommendations that may need to be modified for your specific situation:

Dosage for Women - still ovulating

Women in their reproductive years - still ovulating, would normally take a bioidentical progesterone cream for PMS, painful cramping with periods, menstrual irregularities, and to protect against osteoporosis later in life.

Begin using ProgestaCare after you have ovulated. Ovulation usually occurs about 10 to 12 days after your period begins.

Count the day the period begins as the first day.

Recommended dosage:
Apply one pump amount of PhytoGest or other USP progestesterone cream ( 20 -25 mg. of USP progesterone) every day from day 12 to day 26.

Dosage for Women who are Perimenopausal (still menstruating with menopausal and Estrogen Dominance Symptoms and/or PMS but not ovulating)

· Count the day that your period begins as the first day.
· Day 1 to 6, do not use ProgestaCare.
· Day 7 to 27, Apply one pump amount of ProgestaCare ( 25 mg. of natural progesterone) every day.  The correct amount is entirely dependant on symptoms, not on age and you may need up to two pumps a day.

If your period begins early, stop using PhytoGest while you are bleeding. Count the first day of bleeding as one day of the cycle and begin the cycle all over again. 

Menopause and Post Menopause Dosage Instructions

Choose a calendar day (e.g. the first day of the month) as day one.

Day 1 - 25 apply one full pump of Phytogest  (25mg ) once or twice daily, experiment and get regular progesterone tests to determine your own individual proper level.  The correct amount is entirely dependant on symptoms and your actual progesterone levels, not on age

Day 25 - 30 (or 31). It is suggested by Dr. Lee that the body be given a rest and progesterone not be applied during this period.

Women with severe Osteoporosis

· Day 1 - 25 use one to two pumps of ProgestaCare per day.
· Day 25 - 30 (or 31) ). It is suggested by Dr. Lee that the body be given a rest and progesterone not be applied during this period.

Important Note: It is strongly suggested that you consult with a Health Care Practitioner to monitor your bone density while taking bioidentical progesterone.  Dr. Lee recommends that a bone mineral density analysis be conducted annually to monitor progress. Dr. Lee also notes that age has no effect at all on the effectiveness of progesterone when used for osteoporosis.

Do I need a break from using the cream each month? Yes.

For menstruating women it is important that the progesterone cream only be used from the 12th to the 26th day, counting the day the period starts as the first day. The reason is that the body uses progesterone to hold the blood lining in place during the last two weeks of the menstrual cycle. If the progesterone cream is used out of sequence, it will interfere with the menstrual cycle.

For non-menstruating women, it is recommended by Dr. Lee that the cream be used for three weeks and a break of one week.

Be sure to get a Cream with USP Progesterone -  Avoid Wild Yam Extracts as they are a scam and don't work

Be sure to look for USP Progesterone on the label. This is very important and we do not recommend taking a wild yam extract. USP Progesterone is derived from wild yams but it goes through a process that extracts diosgenin from the tubers of Wild Yam Roots. It is important to note that the Wild Root itself does not have any bioidentical progesterone and so does not work and if you cream does not say USP Progesterone then it is just a wild yam extract and does not contain any natural progesterone. The special USP process ends up creating a form of progesterone that is bioidentical to your bodies own progesterone. USP Progesterone is also micronized and produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices.

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 Possible Expectations

In premenopausal women, progesterone deficiency causes a “tuning down” of estrogen receptors, and progesterone cream reactivates these receptor sites. This can temporarily cause buildup of the endmetrium of the uterus, causing spotting and irregular bleeding. Most of these symptoms will disappear within a couple of menstrual cycles. If you have been progesterone deficient for years, it is common that the initial application of progesterone cream will cause water retention, headache, and swollen breasts – symptoms of estrogen dominance. This happens because the estrogen receptors shut down by progesterone deficiency are “waking up”. It is important to realize that these symptoms will disappear in two weeks to three cycle


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