Side Effects of Synthetic Progestins Vs. Natural Progesterone

Side Effects of Progesterone / Progestins
Provera and other synthetic progestins - the big scam!

Dr Lee and Progesterone


Natural Progesterone is extremely safe and has no known side effects when taken properly.

Synthetic Progestins such as Provera, on the other hand, have a long list of potentially dangerous side effects.


David Steinman, author of Diet for a poisoned Planet, writes the following about Provera:

" In addition to unpleasant side effects such as fluid retention and salt buildup, synthetic progesterone or progestin is known to cause some serious illnesses like blood clots and uterine and breast cancers." also see the latest warnings

According to Dr. John Lee, synthetic progesterones such as Provera cause side effects because...

"Provera is NOT PROGESTERONE. The pharmaceutical companies alter the molecular structure so it no longer fits into the biochemical machinery of the body."

In summary, Premarin is a synthetic Progestin, and is actually not progesterone at all.

The Great Progesterone Scam!

What is the difference between Progesterone and Progestin?

Synthetic progesterone (normally referred to as progestins) are drugs which are manufactured by drug companies. Synthetic progestins are totaly unatural and are kind of like frankenstien molecules. The drug companies have altered the molecular structure of progesterone or nortestosterone at unusual positions in order to make their new creations patentable. Since synthetic progestins are not natural to the body they can cause a host of side effects. Discover the latest warnings about Premarin and synthetic progestins.

The molecules of theses synthetic progestins are close enough to natural progesterone that they seeks out and reside in the progesterone receptacles in the body. The problem is these progesterone receptors don't know how to deal with these synthetic progestins. Of the synthetic versions of progesterone (Provera is the most common of them), and is not natural to the body and therefore can cause undesirable side effects.

Synthetic progestins are completely different from natural progesterone. There are no known side effects for natural progesterone when taken properly.

In fact during pregnancy the levels of natural progesterone are almost 400 times normal.

Progesterone is good for you and is necesary for the survival and development of the fetus. Chemically altered Progestins on the other hand carries the warning that it's use during early pregnancy may increase the risk of early abortion or congenital deformaties of the fetus.

In summary, progesterone is essential for the development of the fetus, Progestins have the adverse reaction that they can actually kill the fetus.

Clearly Progestins are not Progesterone. There is only one type of natural progesterone.

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The problem is that the media with the help of the pharmeceutical companies have confused doctors and the general public into thinking that Progesterone and Progestins are the same thing - clearly they are not.

Clearly your body knows how to deal with natural progesterone.
Of course the pharmaceutical companies don't want to sell natural progesterone - why?, because they can't patent it; they would rather sell you their synthetic version of natural progesterone.

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